Evolve’s LAP-BAND® surgery, more commonly called the gastric band, is a reversible bariatric procedure which allows for adjustments as you lose weight. During the procedure, an Evolve surgeon fastens an adjustable silicon band around your stomach. This procedure is minimally invasive and, unlike other weight loss surgeries, does not require the surgeon to cut, staple, or reroute any of your intestine. The band reduces your stomach’s capacity which helps you stay full for longer. As you lose weight, the band can be tightened in order to ensure maximum weight loss results. The band can also be removed at any time you see fit.

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Benefits of the LAP-BAND®

  • Lose more than 50% of excess weight(1)
  • One of our least invasive procedures
  • This procedure is reversible
  • Feel full faster while eating
  • Does not require alterations to your anatomy
  • Go home the day of surgery
  • Be back to work in a few days after surgery
  • Improve blood pressure & cholesterol(2)

Is LAP-BAND® Right for Me?

We recommend the LAP-BAND® to adults with a BMI over 30, who don’t mind frequent follow-up appointments to adjust their band as they lose weight. On average, a patient can return 3–5 times for these adjustments. Weight loss will be slow and steady over time.

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Diet Expectations for the LAP-BAND®

Pre-Op Diet: Your physician will walk you through your recommended pre-op diet. However, most patients can expect to be on a restricted diet two weeks prior to surgery.

Post-Op Diet: Long-term weight loss success means strictly following your recommended post-op diet. You will be provided an eating guide to follow after surgery. Here’s an example of how typical post-op LAP-BAND® diets flow:

  • Week 1 – liquid diet with protein
  • Week 2 – soft foods in small frequent portions
  • Week 3 – begin incorporating regular foods
  • Week 4 – regular food diet

The Cost of the LAP-BAND®

The cost of the LAP-BAND® varies according to your specific insurance plan. Luckily, we have a team of insurance specialists who will help you figure this out the first day you call in. They will work to ensure you get the maximum coverage out of your plan for this procedure.

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In addition to free insurance verification, Evolve employs a team of experts to help you move swiftly through the weight loss surgery process. To learn more about our concierge-style service click here.