Gastric Balloon

Evolve offers the gastric balloon to patients looking for a temporary, non-surgical approach to weight loss. The gastric balloon procedure involves placement of 1 to 3 balloons in the stomach for 6 months. With balloons taking up space in the stomach, there’s less room for food so patients feel full sooner while eating and therefore eat less.

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Evolve’s Gastric Balloon Options

Obrera Balloon System – with this system one balloon is placed in the stomach during a quick 30-minute procedure. The balloon is left in place for 6 months and then deflated and removed during a second procedure.
Obalon Balloon System – the first and only, FDA-approved, swallowable, intragastric balloon system for weight loss. Unlike, the Obrera, the Obalon system involves placement of 3 balloons, which are left in the stomach for up to 6 months.

Benefits of the Gastric Balloon

  • No surgery required!
  • Fully reversible
  • Feel fuller sooner while eating
  • Lose about 30% of excess weight after 6 months

Is the Gastric Balloon Right for Me?

We recommend the Gastric Balloon for adults with BMIs above 26 who are looking for a temporary tool to help facilitate weight loss during a six month period.

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Diet & Exercise Expectations with the Gastric Balloon

The gastric balloon is not a long-term fix. Its goal is to help you jumpstart the weight loss process by making it easier to follow healthy lifestyle habits. Unlike most other weight loss surgeries, there are few dietary restrictions. However, to see maximum results and set yourself up for long-term success, we highly suggest following the diet regime provided by your surgeon.

As with most bariatric procedures, weight loss results improve when daily exercise regimes are in place.

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