's experience with Evolve Bariatrics

Petra lost 89 pounds in 9 months with the Gastric Sleeve Procedure.

Petra’s advice to people considering weight loss surgery:
“You have only one life to live, take this journey to become a healthier more active you. You deserve this chance at a new life. Love yourself and take the first step forward.”

How was your experience with your Patient Care Manager?
Excellent! She made me feel at ease and always answered my questions with no hesitation.

How was your experience with your doctor?
Excellent! Dr. Dirk Rodriguez is my guardian angel. He has given me a new chance at life. If it weren’t for his staff and their dedication I know this surgery wouldn’t have been possible. I can not describe what an amazing and incredible surgeon he is. I look forward to my follow up appointments and hearing his wonderful words of encouragement.

Before Surgery:
Life before Gastric Sleeve was a very sad and painful one. I had suffered being overweight since my teen years. I felt crippled and hindered by my excess weight. I would wake up every morning in pain..pain from my back, my heel spurs and my knees. I had to limp to go to the restroom every morning and before I could get my morning going I had to lay flat on the floor and stretch my back because otherwise I’d walk hunched over. Doing any activities with my two young children was limited or very seldomly done. I just didn’t have the physical ability or energy to join them. I just couldn’t be the mom I wanted to be for them and that was my breaking point.

After Surgery:
Life for me has been a dream come true! I love waking up early every morning and look forward to what the day may bring. I have a new outlook on life and my self esteem has jumped through the roof. I am exercising 30 minutes during my lunch break now and every morning I look forward to it. Once I get home I am heading to the park with my kids to exercise some more. We play tennis, ride bikes and play on the swings as a family now. I even went down the slide and my daughter was ecstatic at the sight of me on that slide. I am more energized I feel healthy and alive. I am able to live for the day in no pain. My eating habits changed and that has had a tremendous impact on my children’s health as they too were having health problems for being overweight. Now they can enjoy a healthier alternative in foods without any problems as they too have become conscious and mindful of what they eat.

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