's experience with Evolve Bariatrics

Misty had the gastric sleeve procedure with Dr. Dirk 2 ½ years ago and hasn’t looked back. She made her decision to undergo surgery after noticing nothing was working for her. Her efforts with dieting and exercise were being wasted as she could never maintain it. She was at the “point of being helpless,” which is when she decided to opt for surgery.

Misty was surrounded by her loving family who wanted the best for her. However, initially they didn’t seem to understand her decision to go through with a weight loss surgery, “they didn’t think I was hugely obese.” This didn’t affect Misty’s decision, “I wasn’t happy; I didn’t care what anyone else thought” and decided to go for it!

Misty weighed 200lbs before surgery and immediately saw results within the first month. She lost an incredible 20lbs in the first month and an astonishing 80lbs. over 8 months (results will vary). Misty was extremely determined and stuck to the plan to diet and exercise; “Dr. Dirk calls it religious conversion.”

With this fantastic attitude and determination, Misty went from 200lbs to 125lbs/120lbs.* She even went as low as 118lbs, but decided that was a little too small for her.

Misty’s family’s initial apprehension soon disappeared once they saw her amazing transformation. So much so that 6 of her family members have had the procedure done by Dr. Dirk, including her Mom and Dad!

Misty took a brave step and did this for herself and advises everyone who asks about this type of surgery to be really serious and “use the surgery as a tool to get results” and not depend solely on the surgery.
This experience has been life changing for Misty, and it is really inspirational to see the affect it has had on her life:

I feel amazing now! I feel like the person I knew I could be. I used to hate shopping at size 20, but now I’m a size 2 and love it! I now enjoy going places because I know that I don’t have to stress over what I am going to wear. I love to exercise now. Instead of doing it because I HAVE to, I now do it because I WANT to. I still enjoy food. I just eat to live, instead of living to eat.

*Results will vary based on starting weight and other factors.