's experience with Evolve Bariatrics

Dona lost 86 pounds in 8 months with the Gastric Sleeve Procedure.

Donna’s advice to people considering weight loss surgery:
“If other weight loss programs have failed, this may be an option for you. It is not a miracle cure, and it does require work on your part, but the results are worth it.”

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Before Surgery:
I had very little energy and was unable to enjoy a lot of activities with family and friends. I was on multiple medications and felt sluggish and uncomfortable.

After Surgery:
I have lots of energy and am able to exercise at least an hour each day. In addition, I participate more in activities with others. I no longer take prescription medications and feel much healthier. Walking more than 50 yards or up and down stairs used to be difficult. Now I regularly take the stairs and walk 3-4 miles daily.

Evolve also treated Donna’s identical twin sister, Diana. View her testimonial here.

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